The relationship between 3D Printing and Internet of Things

Today is officially my last post for my IT Fundamentals Class. In this post I turn in my last homework which was a final grupal project called 3D Printing and Internet of Things.


This time, I had the opportunity to deepen my research on 3D Printing and learn about a new topic called Internet of Things. For this project I worked with my classmates from my 3d printing presentation, but also worked with the Internet of Things’ group from the class which was now part of my group.

With these persons, I investigated by looking for specific information on both topics like negative aspects of each technology, its development and use on Puerto Rico, and examples of both technologies working together. All of these findings we did through research on the web and interviews with experts in 3D Printing or Internet of Things.

To read the interview report, click here. To see my presentation scroll or swipe up.


[Featured image:]


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