The end of a chapter

Today, I write my last post, reflexion and bonus assignment for my IT Fundamentals Class.

IT Fundamentals was one of the courses I took the most out of this semester because I was interested in it and because I learned almost from scratch. Even thought I am a milennial, I had no knowledge of many of the concepts or apps we discussed on class, that I will definitely use now and take advantage of. I genuinely liked this class because of the way it worked. I think it’s was very dynamic to give the students the opportunity to create a blog on which ever topic they desired. Also, we discussed concepts and apps that I definitely needed to know for the future and I think that was great because my knowledge isn’t just staying in the classroom.


[Light Bulb Idea by Sean Patrick Murphy. CC licensed]

I took a lot of advantage of the class because I asked questions almost in every class in order to understand completely the concept or app we were discussing and I always looked for more. Also, I took a lot of advantage from the creation of my blog. I had never created a blog and as a journalism student, I wanted to since I have plans to create a project with a blog. Therefore, the two things that most interested me where the creation of a blog and the fact that we used Twitter as part of the class. On another hand, I learned a lot of important tools, concepts and ideas but the two most important ones were learning how to use WordPress and learning how to look for CC licensed images and give credit to the owner of the picture. Lastly, If I were to change something from the course it would be for the professor to be more interactive with the students since he would give the whole class without asking questions or incite critical thinking.


[Featured Image: End of the Road by Matt Botsford. CC licensed.]

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