The purpose of this blog

I have always known the importance of responsable consumption and disposal but it wasn’t until last semester that I learned the climate change reality and future that awaits humanity that made me decide to take action and do my part to help people in this situation.

So, as a journalism student who believes that press is the fourth power, I decided to create a blog, a practice blog, to start publishing knowledge and information on sustainability and all the subtopics it touches.

Through this blog, I want to help people change their lifestyles, what they consume, the things they use, the products they buy, their methods of transportation, etc.

I want to start from scratch and also start from the first term we know that its purpose is to help the planet, eco-friendliness. After having that as a base, then start with sustainability.

I want to start with eco-friendliness and afterwards with sustainability because I want to distinguish them for the general population so that people would understand the importance of sustainability in their lives.


[Photo by Boxed Water is Better. CC Licensed.]

Through this blog I want to provide information, solutions, news and interviews so that readers can have a various perspectives of the topic.

I learned that we could prevent more harm to the planet if we took sustainable habits and choices so i wanted to inform about it through journalism

Ambitious enough, the goals of this blog are to influence and impact people so much they change they lifestyles to sustainable ones.

The blog is directed to the general public since climate change affects everybody, therefore, everyone should obtain sustainable habits. However, I do focus on young generations, especially young adults who are on the last stages of education and soon will be out in the real world.


[Featured image by Josh Barwick. CC licensed]

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