Can your social media reputation affect your professional career?

Indeed, that was the question I did to myself with four other classmates for this post. For the past weeks, my classmates Yairimar, Solimar, Natalia, Paola and I have been investigating about how can your social media reputation affect or have an impact on your professional career. Since this is a controversial topic and we wanted to have some fact-ful answers and opinions, we interviewed students and professionals.

For this second assignment for my New Digital Media and Socia Media class, my classmates and I created a podcast where we ended up with surprising answers and interesting reflexions.

For my fourth assignment, I wrote this summary and conclusion of the podcast.


We asked the students if they take precautions when posting content on their social medias. We also asked them if they believed that their social media reputation could affect their professional careers. On the other hand, we asked professionals, mostly recruiters, if they look at the social media profiles of the people that apply for a job in their workplace. We interviewed an approximate of 20 persons.


What most shocked me about the interviews was some personal anecdotes people told us about why do they believe people should be careful with what they post on social media (listen to the podcast to find out!). On the other hand, the majority responded similar answers however there were people who disagreed.

My classmates and I believe that we should be careful on social media and we should think before we post regardless of knowing if recruiters check out or not our social profiles. We should always be aware and conscious that there is no privacy on the web today.


Solimar, Natalia, Yairimar, Paola and I interviewed college students. Similarly, Natalia, Solimar and Yairimar interviewed college professionals and recruiters. The students and professionals gave us their consent to record the interviews.

On the other hand, each person wrote what they said in this audio and this podcast was edited by me.

The music of this podcast is Space Lady by Slynk. CC Licensed.

Each person that appears in the podcast gave their consent to be interviewed, their voice to be recorded, and for the podcast to be published.

Listen to it now!


[Featured Image: Photo by rawpixel. CC licensed.]

6 thoughts on “Can your social media reputation affect your professional career?

  1. I think that without a doubt everyone should be careful with the content they share on their social media, specially thoughts that can be controversial or that can be misunderstood.

    Like everything, more people should be more careful than others and that depends on what professional job they are seeking. Speaking for myself, I am looking forward to work in the world of politics which is a very sensitive case taking in consideration how my image along with my ideologies can be the reason of why I can get an opportunity in the government or why I can’t get it.

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  2. This topic is definitely controversial ;however, it is important to have the conversation due the real impacts it has, not only on someone’s career, but on their life. Social media is like a portfolio of who you are and what you want to represent. This is why I agree with those who believe one should be cautious with what is uploaded to their social media platforms.


  3. I definitely think your social media reputation can affect you. Not only in the professional environment, but in your day to day life. When applying to a job, one of the first things most interviewers do is to verify your social media to know if you are serious enough to get the job. Even when your social media accounts are private, it is dangerous to act recklessly and post everything that’s happening in your life. Great post and audio interviews!!

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