How college is different for everybody

College can be stressful, exciting, boring or frustrating to people, but you don’t really know how someone might feel about it, unless you talk to them.

So, my classmates Bryan, Natalia, Yairimar and I decided to talk about it in a podcast.


[Photo by Solimar Acha.]

Since my New Digital Media and Social Media class is about using Instagram, Twitter and WordPress, our professor decided to add another digital media tool, to the course, that touched the sense that we were missing from the other instruments, audio.

In the first episode of our class podcast La Situación, we talked about our college experiences, we joked with some college memes, and we gave some college advise from the freshman or upcoming college students.

Click this link to listen to it now!

We hope you enjoy it!

inf 115

[Screenshot by Viviana S. Flores Rivera]


[Featured image: Photo by Juja Han. CC Licensed.]

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