More moving pictures…

For my eight assignment from my New Digital Media and Social Media Class, my professor decided to continue to let me have fun by creating more GIFs.

However, he changed the instructions a little bit this time.

This time I needed to chose two movies, a comedy one and a thriller, drama or suspense one. For this homework continuation, I chose The Interview and Cape Fear.

WARNING: Before you continue to read know that I might spoil some details from these movies so if you have plans to watch all, some or one of these movies, do not read the following paragraphs.

The Interview is a movie about how two communicators, Aaron Rappaport and Dave Skylark, have an entertainment television show but, for once, decide to have a serious episode in which they would be interviewing the dictator Kim Young-Un. Their plan was only to interview but the CIA founds out and decide to use them in order to assassinate the leader.

For my first GIF I chose this The Interview scene because it’s one of the most thriller-like ones since it’s a comedy movie. In this scene one of Kim Young-Un’s military men dies from swallowing poison. But how does Aaron Rappaport (Seth Rogen) gets his face spilled with blood? Well another military men was trying to help the one that was convulsing but ends up getting accidentally killed by the one convulsing because he had a gun in his hand.

I chose this movie because I really like it. I like how Seth Rogen and James Franco act together. I believe they compliment each other very well.


On the contrary, Cape Fear is a thriller movie. This is a very strong movie and it’s hard to watch. The protagonist, Max Cady, is a violent sex offender who was accused with rape charges. Consequently, Cady goes to jail but with remorse for his attorney Sam Bowden. When he gets out of prison, wanting to avenge himself, he looks for his attorney and his family to kill them.

I chose this scene because I think it’s the only scene that looks like it’s a comedy movie. In this scene, Max Cady (Robert De Niro) is at a bar where a woman starts flirting with him, unaware of the fact that he is a violent sex offender accused with rape charges. This can be applied to real life and be so accurate it freaks me out.

What I like about this movie is Robert De Niro’s performance. He’s excellent playing his part. I love how he can play very diverse and different roles throughout his acting career.


All of the movies are commercially available at Youtube. 

Also, these are the links of the YouTube videos I used:

[Source of Featured GIF:]


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