Making a meme

I had a debate for this assignment. Whether to joke about climate change or use one of my favorite animated movies and joke about that.

Since being sarcastic about climate change has become one of my present habits, I decided to change things a little bit.

For my ninth assignment for my New Digital Media and Social Media class, I had to create a meme and I decided to create mine from one of posters from the Pixar animated movie The Incredibles 2.

When The Incredibles got out in 2004, I was four years old, and it, immediately, became one of my favorite and most watched movies. I loved it, the music, the graphics, the story, and the creativity. I remember being a child and seeing the final scene of The Incredibles and thinking “Can’t wait for the sequel!”

For those of you who haven’t watched The Incredibles’ last scene, here it is.


In summary, Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet Parr and Dash Parr were leaving Dash’s running competition when a new villain appears. So, they put their masks on so they can be “unrecognizable” and ready to fight, and that’s how the movie ends.

To my surprise, the second movie came out 14 years later. I was 18 years old. (If you’re wondering if I went to the cinema to see this movie the answer is YES! I waited 14 years of my life for this, and I wasn’t gonna let it pass.)

This movie was as amazing as the first one. Honestly, as much as I wanted to go see it, I was scared. I liked the first one very much, and It had been too many years in between, that the expectations I had were very big so it could have been easy to disappoint. But, It didn’t. The graphics were crazy good, the story was a feminist one so that was surprising and admirable, and it was funny just like the first one.

The only thing that I did not like was the waiting so, since I complained much about it last year, I made a sarcastic meme about it.


I can't say I do without you! (1)

This meme was created with the graphic design-tool website, Canva.


[Featured Image: Pixar Animation Studio by Tyler Epperson. CC Licensed.]

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