Reflexion of the course

For my 10th and final assignment for my New Digital Media and Social Media class, I had to evaluate myself and reflect about the course.

To start, this is the list of the assignments I did in the class.


Class summaries (bonus):

Second, this is a list of my website/blog’s activity during the semester.


  • Number of visits my website had during the semester: 96 visits
  • Number of views: 386 views
  • Number of likes: 20 likes
  • Number of comments: 14 comments
  • Number of posts published: 14 posts (counting this one)

stats 1.pngstats 2.pngjanuary stats.pngfebruary stats.pngmarch stats.pngapril stats.pngmay stats.png

[All screenshots were by Viviana S. Flores Rivera]

At the beginning of the semester, this was a course I was very excited about. I knew the professor, and I knew what I was going to learn in the semester. For me, the start of the course was a good one. Even though it was hard, I really enjoyed creating a podcast. I loved every bit of it, from editing, to writing the script, to recording. During the semester, I also enjoyed the discussions in class, in which I think I always participated (yes, I always have something to say or share) or at least most of the time. It was through these discussions that I think I learned the most. So I would say that, even though I learned a lot from my professor, and what he presented everyday, I learned a lot from my classmates as well.

On another topic, I really liked using Twitter with my classmates, especially since my class was active. Also, I enjoyed the project #UnaFotoCadaDía very much. Some of the topics really challenged me, and I liked seeing what my classmates posted since we all had different ideas posted diverse pictures. I would say that, even though I had a rough semester for personal reasons, I did take advantage of the course because I gave it my best, and I always tried to go for the extra mile on my website/ blog, on Twitter (on my profile, and when Paola and I took over the class’ Twitter profile) and during the recordings of the podcasts where my group and I voluntarily decided to record on the recording room’s at the Centro de Comunicación at the Escuela de Comunicación Ferré Rangel at Universidad del Sagrado Corazón.

The two things that interested me the most from the class were learning about fake news, how to do a GIF and learning how to use Audacity.

The most important tools that I learned were learning how to create a database, and learning how to use Audacity.

If I were to change something from the course, I wouldn’t use Feedly and use Diigo instead since it’s more user-friendly. On the other hand, I would create a set of instructions for the class’ Twitter and Instagram profiles. For example, use the same photo icon for both social media profiles; only follow classmates, college, educational accounts or related to the class’ topics; and maintain continuity and avoid big change when other students take over the profile. I would write the instructions so that the accounts remain active throughout the whole semester and so that students maintain the social media profile in a good state.


[Featured image: Photo by Amanda Jones. CC licensed.]

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