Welcome to Sustaineco!


[No title by Susan Yin. CC licensed.]

This website is about two terms: eco-friendliness and sustainability. In this platform, they are distinguished by provided information in posts. In here, people are shown how to be eco-friendly and/or sustainable in different aspects of their lives from transportation to cleaning. Therefore, there are, most of the time, examples provided for every subtopic presented so there can be an illustration and people will be more prone to apply the eco-friendly and/or sustainable habits in their lives.


[Bottles in Venice by Lacy Williams. CC licensed.]

Some of the subtopics that are discussed are transportation, food, cleaning, personal hygiene, and house items.

Also, the discussion of different news about these topics is present and so is the fundamented opinion of the author.


Viviana S. Flores Rivera is a 19-year old Puerto Rican. She is a journalism student at Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Viviana passionately cares about a variety of topics and it is through journalism she sees a way of talking/ writing about them and impulsing and creating change in them. Some of those topics are climate change and global warming, and social issues like commerce, public transportation, homelessness, and gender inequality.

Flores saw very little people talking about eco-friendliness and sustainability, so she decided to start becoming an expert in the field to provoque and make change. She decided to created this blog because being climate change and global warming two topics that interest her profoundly and affect the world and its inhabitants every second, she chose to share knowledge with society so that people can be more informed and take wise, sustainable and eco-friendly decisions in their lives. She thinks it is imperative that humanity progresses in sustainability just as much as it progresses in other topics.